Entry requirements: Must have completed the Preliminary Course or have gained exemption from the ACIA. This course is designed for those who wish to gain qualification with the ACIA in order to work in the rock climbing industry in a top rope or abseil situation. Candidates will NOT be qualified to lead clients up rock climbs. No instructional experience is necessary. Candidates will be required to provide their own traditional rack, rope and personal climbing gear for the course. Course content will include: top rope bottom and top belay anchor construction; abseil construction, site selection; soft skill instruction - running a top rope session, pre & de-briefing, methods of group management; environmental impacts & etiquette at sites, ratios; teach belaying, rescue skills for top rope and abseil guiding.

Top Rope Guide Interim Training Requirements:

1. Complete 500 metres of climbing at a variety of locations and rock types. This can be indoors or outdoors on top rope or following a lead climber on single or multi-pitch climbs.

2. Work experience/observation days with qualified guides. These days are highly recommended before attempting assessment.

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