What follows is a list of contact details for the national office, and regional centres. We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible to your enquiry.

National contact/general enquiries:

Lee Anice

PO Box 103 , Natimuk, 3409
Ph: 0427 002 616
Email: leesacia@gmail.com

State Contacts:

QLD Coordinator:

Glyn Thomas
Email: gthomas2@usc.edu.au

VIC Coordinator:

Glenn Marston
Ph: 0428 871 060
Email: glennmarston1@gmail.com

NSW Coordinator:

Scott Sutherland
Ph: 0478 168 144
Email: scott.skiclimb@gmail.com 

WA Coordinator:

Stuart Matheson
Ph: 0410 875 899
Email: stuggyboy@hotmail.com

If you discover any typographical (or simply graphical) errors on this site, then please inform Lee

at the ACIA office info@acia.com.au

Cheers, once again!

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