April 30, 2024

Approved Course Providers

Anyone who has done an ACIA training or assessment course is probably pretty aware that courses are actually provided through an external provider (The Climbing Company in Vic, ASM in NSW, Adventure Training Consultants in WA, hopefully you would have noticed this when reading and signing the acknowledgment of risks forms at the start of the course!)

This was previously a bit of a grey area, with the Association taking bookings and payments etc. but the providers being the ones who were running the courses and paying the staff. We have decided to tidy this process up a bit to make it clearer for everyone, and to also use the structure to make ACIA course more readily available to those who want to participate in them.

So, we are moving towards the proper application of the “approved course provider” structure. This will mean that organisations who are “approved course providers” will programme, advertise, staff and run courses. There are a range of benefits to the association with this, including,

  • Increased availability of courses
  • Increased options for course participants around which providers they would like to train with.
  • Decreased administrative requirements for the association, meaning the association can focus on higher association level activities and representing the members.
  • More ability for ACIA courses to be offered across a wider geographical area (both within states that it currently operates and in other states).
  • Easier expansion and roll out of different qualifications and levels, as providers could deliver based on their location and expertise.

In its initial phase the organisations that have historically and do currently provide courses will continue to do so, as we bring this structure in fully, it is then expected that other organisations will apply to be approved courses providers and will start to deliver courses. Ideally there will be a couple of providers in each area / state.

The aim of moving to this structure, is to improve the availability and options around course delivery, whilst still maintaining high level standards, and actively increasing moderation between ITA’s.

Appointment of course providers will be based around what will most benefit the climbing community, industry and association.

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