Entry requirements:

Some previous rock climbing experience is required. This is a preliminary course to the Top Rope Guide course. It is not compulsory but is designed for those who wish to do the TRG course but who have little or no experience with climbing equipment, placement of traditional gear (nuts, hexes, cams etc) or knots typically used for rock climbing. It is expected that the candidates will already have an interest in rock climbing and wish to better prepare themselves for the Top Rope Guide course. Candidates will be required to provide their own traditional rack, rope and personal climbing gear for the course. There is no assessment nor qualification awarded at the end of this Preliminary Course.

Over 2 days, candidates will be introduced to rock climbing equipment and instruction basics from the ACIA perspective. Course content will include: participation in a short climbing and abseiling session guided by our instructors; introduction to equipment, traditional gear, knots and anchor principles; gear placement and anchor construction incorporating traditional gear, natural features, bollards, trees and bolts.

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