Entry requirements:
Must have completed the single pitch guide (SPG) training course, or gained an exemption from this training from the ACIA. Candidates do not need to have completed the single pitch guide assessment.
It is expected that candidates will have strong multi-pitch climbing experience (typically to grade 14).
Course content:
Over the three days the course will build on the skills gained in the single-pitch guide course and give instruction and practice in various techniques specific to multi-pitch guiding, including:
• Efficient multi-pitch belay set ups.
• Methods for conducting students safely and efficiently on multi-pitch climbs.
• Self rescue techniques and emergency situations relating to multi-pitch climbing.

Multi Pitch Guide Interim Training Requirements:

1. Forty (40) multi pitch climbs at a variety of locations 20 of which are at or above grade 14.

2. Four days of observation/work experience. At least 1 of these days must be a practicum day under the guidance of a qualified MP guide - ACIA preferred. More details are provided during the MPG training.


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