Entry Requirements:
It is expected that candidates in the CI training program are experienced SPGs, have completed the MPG training course and are experienced lead climbers. Candidates should apply to the ACIA office with evidence of their suitability including details of the following minimum requirements:

  • Five years of climbing experience (minimum of 2000 metres/year) on a variety of rock types and including climbs up to grade 16.
  • Three years of regular guiding and/or instruction.

Course content:
The focus of this course is very much on the distinction between guiding and the instruction of clients to operate independently. There is discussion of effective teaching models, the assessment of a client’s level of skill, developing an appropriate teaching progression and practical techniques to minimise risk during training and afterwards.

Practical sessions include:

  • Structuring a ‘learning to lead’ course with case scenarios.
  • Techniques for managing a student making their first lead climb.
  • Rescue techniques relevant to dealing with a student lead climber.
  • Teaching gear placement and belay set ups to clients.

Climbing Instructor Interim Training Requirements:

  1. Maintain personal lead climbing practice to at least the currency requirements for existing ACIA guides and instructors.
  2. Observe/assist a registered ACIA CI or ITA on a minimum of 4 days of climbing instruction of which at least 2 days must involve lead climbing instruction. Candidates should make every attempt to observe/assist more than one instructor.
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